Maheshwar Narmada Retreat

October 6, 2014 8:12 am

mptours.inMAHESHWAR- Sanctified by Faith

Situated on the bank of the river Narmada, Maheshwar is significant for its many Stemples, bathing ghats and the exquisitely

woven ‘Maheshwari’ sarees. Maheshwar was a glorious city at the dawn  of Indian Civilization when it was known as

Mahishmati, the capital of King Kartivarjun. This temple town on the banks of the river Narmada finds mention in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.  Revived to its ancient position of  importance by the Holkar queen Rani Ahilyabai of  Indore, Maheshwar’s temples and mighty fort  complex stand in quiet beauty and splendour mirrored in the river Narmada.

The Property : Amidst sprawling gardens, facing the holy river, the Narmada Retreat dapples as a paradise where vision of the stream pours in to add to the picturesque gleam of the place. The pristine glory amid the nature’s grandeur makes one awed, calm and transports one to another world. In this charmed city, the spiritual gracefully mingles with the professional, rolled into one. After a professional meeting, one can have a darshan of the holy Narmada. A walk along the ghat brings alive the  kaleidoscope of remote India before our eyes, with holy men, pilgrims, women carrying water pots, and  the endless number of temples with their soaring spires. Unfolding the treasures, one can also see the  glitz and the texture of the renowned Maheshwari
sarees too, at an outlet located nearby. Amidst sprawling gardens, facing the

The Rooms –There are 11 AC Deluxe tents rooms, 13 AC tents rooms and 3 four-bedded Air Cooled rooms.
All the rooms are equipped with proper guest amenities. Stretching unbroken in all directions, the River Narmada leaves the host charmed by its  presence which one can view from their own.

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